Anatomy of a Spammer – Part 1 – OptInRealBig

Scott Richter and have filed financial disclosures in accordance with their recent bankruptcies. Here are the salient points related to OptInRealBig’s financial situation…


Total income from spamming business from 2003 to the bankruptcy filing date – $38,900,000


Payments to creditors within 90 days of filing – $12,284,203, including $10.6 million to Marketing Affiliates, sealed under court order and not available for inspection

Other payments with the last year – $434,240, including $152,218 paid directly to Mr. Richter (salary)

Total suits party to within last 90 days – 13, including Microsoft

Bankruptcy counsel payments – $200,000

Closed financial accounts within the last year – total value of $251,003 as of the bankruptcy filing date

Withdrawals from business and related partnerships during the last year – $1,488,373, including $1.3 million to Mr. Richter


Real property – $0

Personal property – $2,833,652, including $2.3 million of accounts receivable from Marketing Affiliates, sealed under court order and not available for inspection, $165,185 of computer and related equipment, and a 10 million record email address list valued at $100,000

Secured liabilities – $0

Unsecured liabilities – $377

Other unsecured liabilities – $20,511,856 (includes projected Microsoft judgment of $20 million)

You can see the Statement of Financial Affairs, filed with the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado (1.9MB pdf zipped) here (since removed), and the Summary of Schedules (1.5MB pdf zipped) here (since removed). If you find any mistakes in the above summary, please let me know.

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