Anatomy of a Spammer – Part 2 – Scott Richter

Scott Richter and have filed financial disclosures in accordance with their recent bankruptcies. Here are the salient points related to Scott’s financial situation…


Total spamming income from 2003 to the bankruptcy filing date – $2,965,144

Total other income from 2003 and 2004 – $681,836


Payments to creditors within 90 days of filing – $295,074, including $4,000 paid to Bally’s Las Vegas, and $410,000 still owed to the IRS

Payments to “Mother of children” in the last year – $28,000

Total suits party to within last 90 days – 6, including Microsoft and the New York Attorney General

Total gifts to family in the last year – $22,000

Gambling losses – $5,000

Bankruptcy counsel payments – $50,000

Other payments – Montana property purchase at $30,000


Real property – $857,501, including $550,000 primary residence and numerous rental and other property in Montana and Colorado

Personal property – $2,278,937, including cash, art collections, fish tanks, a massage chair, an IRA account, $1.3 million in a securities account, some hockey sticks and tennis “rackets,” two leased Lexuses, and two dogs (valued at zero – personally, I consider my dog my most valuable asset)

Secured liabilities – $397,000, including a mortgage on the primary residence of $350,000

Unsecured liabilities – $410,000 (IRS monies owed)

Other unsecured liabilities – $57,169,773 (includes projected Microsoft judgment of $57 million)

Projected Income and Expenses

Income – $78,385

Expenses – $67,456

You can see the Statement of Financial Affairs, filed with the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado (640k pdf zipped) here (since removed). If you find any mistakes in the above summary, please let me know.

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