AOL gets blacklisted, then MAPS pulls the plug

A few weeks back, Spamroll posed the question as to whether real-time blackhole lists like MAPS might need a little outside supervision. RBLs have a lot of power, and Brian McWilliams highlighted just how much pull they have in AOL lands on spam blacklist.

Of course, not long after MAPS put a pile of AOL IP addresses on their list, those same addresses were pulled. Once again, MAPS laid down the law not long after notifying an ISPs abuse desk, but at least this time they didn’t do it on a Friday.

MAPS, now part of Kelkea is going to find themselves facing liability if they continue these quick-draw tactics, particularly if they start making a habit of pulling the stunts on large ISPs. But if the quick reverse action with AOL is any indication, maybe they have learned a good lesson. Boy, would I have loved to have been a fly on the wall when AOL called bitching.

Not unexpectedly, many of the Slashdot crowd think AOL had this coming. I’d personally hate to be the recipient of a blacklisting, erroneous or not, because it can be a major pain in the ass. The process is essentially quilty until proven innocent, with no jury trial. You can catch the whole comment string from Slashdotters here.

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