Australian spammer raided

The Australian Communications Authority is pulling no punches in the war on spam. Recently, they fined an online car broker for picking phone numbers out of the classified ads and SMS spamming them all (see SMS Spammer Pleads Unfairness), and now they have executed a raid on a big operation in Perth.

The Australian reported that the operation was suspected of sending tens of millions of emails to unsuspecting “customers.” According to the SPAM ACT 2003, the accused stands to be fined AU1.1 million per day if they are found to be a repeat corporate offender.

On the other note, the online car broker is interesing, mostly because of the perps ridiculous claim upon being busted. When the ACA laid down the fine, they argued that they were subject to unfair competition at the hands of the spam laws. The broker in question said that large car dealer could afford to hire telemarketers to call potential clients, but they could not. I think the Australian Communications Authority should fine them again, this time under the Australian Anti-Acting-Stupid law.

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