China spam legislation on the way

Spam is going to cause the next war in the Pacific theatre, I just know it. Everyone I talk to says all the spam comes from China, even though we know it all comes from Westminster, Colorado. Unfortunately, in the midst of announcing new legislation on spam in their country, the Chinese press has let the cat out of the bag, and now all hell is going to break loose.

As Xinhau puts it:

“And we know that US spammers now send junk e-mails to China via servers in China, rather than through servers in the United States. As a result, the nation is blamed, on many occasions, as a big spammer, and many IP (Internet protocol) addresses in China are in danger of being shut down.”

The everyday joe in the States think the spam comes from China, and now over a billion everyday joes in China know it comes from the States. All we need is a couple of zealous politicians to start pointing fingers in each direction, at the bequest of their always well-informed constituents, and surely trouble will arise.

Read factual details from the 100% independent Chinese press here.

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