DotComBoiz getting gender change, the hard way

Two Florida men were just charged in a major crackdown in the Sunshine State. While their exploits included the usual forging of headers, spoofing of IP address, and other no-no’s, they went a few steps further into the black pit of legal despair.

Among the spammed products, tobacco products and e-books. Still listening – they attempted to distribute pharmacy products, without a license. Have I lost you…purportedly pirated movies. I bet the shenanigans don’t end there.

While this seems to have been a relatively small time operation, with less than a hundred thousand emails dispensed, they have dug a deep enough hole with the offerings to keep their lawyers busy for many moons.

McWilliams has a nice little writeup on the issue over at Spam Kings Blog: DotComBoiz in big trouble.

You can also catch the story straight from the “boyz” neighborhood news here: Two Tampa men become first charged under anti-spam law, although the folks down south didn’t quite get the definition of spam correct. As the Floridians put it, “Spam is defined as deceptive email with a false heading meant to try and lure the victim someplace else.” Not exactly. It is any unsolicited email, regardless of how it is delivered or how it functions, just in case you forgot.


The State of Florida won their injunction against the DotComBoiz. Congrats!

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