Feds crack neighborhood wireless

A while ago I told you home-wireless junkies that someday you would get a knock on your door, and some law efforcement officer would accuse you of spamming. When you didn’t hear it, I said it again.

Now I have to admit, I was all wrong.

And I apologize. I told you that keeping your wireless network password protected would give you that needed time to raise suspicion from Aunty Allie next door. But it doesn’t take thirty, twenty or even ten minutes for a hacker to break into your 128 bit WEP-protected wireless network.

It only takes THREE!

At a recent information security conference, a team of FBI agents demonstrated the 3 minute crack, which included the traffic scan, packet analysis, and the key generation. Ouch. And you know if a team of experts from the US government can do it in three minutes, a fifteen year old kid with a P3 laptop can likely do it in about a minute and a half.

This Slashdot post includes a link to the FBI methodology used. Boy am I glad they posted that.

Good thing I use WPA, at least for the next month, that is.

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