From Russia, With Spam

Everyone in America thinks all the spam comes from other countries. We already know that isn’t true.

Outside of our fair land, people are having their problems too. The Russian News and Information Agency just announced that 80% to 90% of their country’s email was spam.

Spamroll’s prediction: they will soon be blaming “the Americans.”


aqpatoq says:

It’s not like the US are not responsible for the majority of the spam in the world. Third-world servers and open proxies etc. are used, yes, but the originators of most of the spam are in the US (as indicated by ROKSO et al.)

I’m not in Russia, but here in Northern Europe I get on the order of 70% English-language spam, some of it “international” but most of it clearly primarily intended for a US audience, and some of it annoyingly exclusive (Omaha Steaks, great when you’re 15,000 km from Omaha, thanks sooo much).

Of the remaining 30%, I’d say practically all of it is in some Asian script I can’t read, and none in any local language — some <1% in Spanish, French, and German, but none in the "lesser languages" we actually speak here.

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