India Fighting Cell Phone Spam

The Indian economy is growing by leaps and bounds. Naturally, the expansion of consumer technology use follows, and cell phones are no exception. Unfortunately, marketing firms have been quick to jump on the bandwagon as well, and now subscribers are being pummeled with telemarketing calls and SMS spam.

India is now fighting back from the legislative front, and Spamroll has some suggestions for their cell phone subscribers that would make life a whole lot easier.

Turn off your cell phone’s ringer when you are in an important meeting. Better yet, turn the phone off altogether. How easy is that?

What the main character in this article hasn’t figured out yet is that while a cell phone can be an enormous convenience for both business and pleasure, it doesn’t have to be answered every time it rings. The early adopting regions (meaning Europe, East Asia, and the Americas), learned this simple fact long ago.

Yes, government backed do-not-call lists help, but they still have to be enforced. I am afraid Indians are going to be sorely disappointed when legislation fails to stem the tide of calls and spam. They better learn some cell phone etiquette (and common sense) quick.

Meanwhile, carriers in the growing region better not rest on their laurels either. Cell phone pesks, particularly SMS spam, are fairly new to the scene. If growing carriers don’t start thinking about countermeasures now, they may wind up with Nextel’s problems.

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