ISP disconnects zombied home computers

Australia is a small country, isolated in many ways (besides Japanese tourists in Gold Coast). They aren’t isolated from computer security threats, however, and they pull no punches in cracking down on it. They recently raided a purported spammers house, and now they are looking ever deeper down the threat source chain.

The biggest ISP down under is BigPond, and they know they have home computers on their network infected with trojans that have turned them into zombie ping spewers. So what do they do about it? Well, they simply issue disconnect notices.

ISPs have long had the power to disconnect permanent connections. And it isn’t hard to recognize an access point that is constantly pinging others on the network, relaying spam, making repeated DNS requests, and other crazy things that zombied PCs do. This action by BigPond makes tons of sense. Notify the customer that they are infected, cut them off, and suggest measures for cleaning up their system. When the user employs the appropriate countermeasures, they notify the ISP, and the ISP puts them back online.

With all the news out in the open about computer security, I can only point to the users being at fault. If a homeowner leaves, they usually lock their doors. If they don’t, they have nobody to blame but themselves if a burglar thwarts that lack of security. The same should go for home computers.

The Slashdot crowd had their opinion on the matter, but I will save you the trouble by saying most of it was “hip hip hooray.”

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