Microsoft Phishing Lawsuits

A few days ago, Microsoft announced it was launching a major legal campaign against phishing. They are going after 117 “John Doe” phishers and associates. The first part means they either don’t know who they are going after, or are cooperating with law enforcement in order to track them down, the latter hopefully the course. The second part means that those involved in the baiting, delivery and the development of the fake sites should all be trying to change their names and find a home on an volcanic atoll in the Coral Sea, because the boys in Redmond pull no punches.

I would have jumped for joy, accept for the fact they are doing on their own.

Why not turn this into a joint effort between Microsoft, Paypal, Ebay, Washington Mutual, SmithBarney, and the rest of the popular (and monsterously deep pocketed) targets of phishing exploits. Strength in numbers (not that Microsoft isn’t pretty darn strong) could help to nab more bandits with less aggregate resources.

Huh…cooperation. Maybe that is wishful thinking.

Here are some links to the story as the slightly more mainstream called it:

Microsoft launches 117 anti-phishing suits, from CNET

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Microsoft vs. the Phishers, from PC World’s Techlog

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