Microsoft still on the rampage

As a result of coverage by ever news organization on the planet, everyone knows that Microsoft recently filed suit against a hoard of phishers and their cohorts. Now Redmond’s resident 10,000 pound gorilla has turned their attention back to software pirates.

Microsoft is targeting computer hardware builders and distribution networks in a case that covers seven states. Part action to prevent the undercutting of prices against the honest folks in their sales and marketing network, I hope this suit uncovers some of the sources behind all that bootleg software.

Half the spam I get is offers for cheap software (highly likely it is bootlegged stuff) and all of it is Windows product. Fortunately for me (and unfortunate for the desperate spammers trying to get some cash out of me), I use OS X and Linux. Sorry boys.

Lets keep our fingers crossed that this latest Microsoft action puts some big bootlegging networks out of commission for good.

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