Microsoft’s Longhorned move against pure privacy

Microsoft has announced they will be adding substantially deeper monitoring of systems and applications in their next operating systems release, dubbed Longhorn. According to this article over at ZDNet, the system, which is scheduled for release before the 2006 holiday season, will track details of system crashes including memory contents, applications running, and even the contents of open documents (OUCH!).

The error reporting system will be based on the old Dr. Watson diagnostics. While the claim is that consumers will be able to select what information they report, I have to wonder whether this implementation will be similar to Windows security in SP1, where default settings were not to the users’ benefit (i.e. firewalling turned off).

But the kicker is this: Microsoft sure seems to be going to great lengths to prepare people for Windows crashes, even with the new Longhorn (and a year and a half in advance)!

I think I will stick with my Mac OS X and my Fedora Core, just in case.

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