More on Phoenix Avatar, the diet patch folks

Aunty Spam’s Net Patrol digs a little deeper into the canning of the diet patch spammers in CAN-SPAM Smack Down for Spammers Hiding Behind Affiliates. Aunty collaborated on the McCain Amendment, with of course Senator John McCain. They should have called it the Aunty Amendment (as John didn’t run for president this time around, so why give him credit), but that is besides the point.

According to Aunty, the amendment says “that even if you do not yourself press “send” and inject the spam into the Internet stream, if you in any way profit from the sending of the spam then you are as guilty as if you had pressed “send” yourself.”

This prevents spammers from hiding behind “affiliates,” which is just a fancy term used by spammers for telecommuting consultants they pay to send spam for them.

Thanks Aunty. You can read more about the McCain Amendment in Aunty’s post, and a bit more about the original Phoenix Avatar case here at Spamroll in Diet Patch Spammer CANNED.

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