No Tolerance Here

The Pew Internet & American Life Project did a study on email and spam and came up with some interesting, if not strange conclusions. Fewer Americans mistrusted email as a result of spam, and fewer said they spent less time on email as a result of spam. The Pew study concluded Americans are becoming more tolerant of spam.

Spamroll has a few thoughts on this matter.

The statistics gathered could easily be the result of the flood of consumer awareness news that has hit the streets. If people are more informed about the issues, and feel they can draw their own conclusions about a suspect message, then why wouldn’t their mistrust decline? Knowledge is power, and the message IS getting out. Second, the fact that Americans are less inclined to not use email says just about the same thing. They know to hit the delete button.

This isn’t more tolerant, its more education.

Read the report from the Globe & Mail, and tell me what you think.

By the way, the last thing we need is spammers thinking that people “are more accepting” of junk email. Regardless of the results of the survey, I would have entitled the report “Americans are Fed Up With Spam – the Forming of Citizen Militias to Tar and Feather Spammers is Imminent”. But then again, who cares what Pew thinks anyway.

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