Nothing is safe, particularly in Windows

It is no wonder that Microsoft is suing every phishing associate they can get their hands on. As phishers continue straying into new territory, their tactics are not only getting more sophisticated, but they are beginning to play on security fears as well.

The latest exploit used email spam to warn recipients of a critical Windows update. The attempt directed users to a site full of malware. Once the user arrived, their machine was infected with code that allowed hackers to take remote control of their machine.

Windows update from the desktop was not part of the scheme, which is a good thing. The exploit used spammed messages, so Windows users should keep their eyes open (that is if Windows users do such a thing). Meanwhile, for the rest of us, who have spent our hard earned dollars on devices running Mac OS X, and our rainy and snowy weekends stuffing Linux distros onto our equipment, there is nothing to worry about here.

You can read the original story, entitled Trojan leaps from bogus Windows Update site, compliments of The Register.

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