“SexMoney” opens new harvesting ploy

I am always pissing and moaning about how folks should avoid entering their email address into “free newsletter” and “win a prize” webforms, unless of course they WANT to get the daylights spammed out of them. Now you might have to start worrying about your mobile phone number too.

Textually.org is reporting that SexMoney.com, a pornsite marketing house, is offering an new affiliate agreement to its customers. In this scheme, a participating website posts an SM code “cashbox” on their site, and picks up a $1.50 for every valid cell phone number entered into it.

All I can say is OUCH! This popup is ripe for abuse, particularly considering the content and audience involved. I doubt anyone would ever consider entering their arch-enemy’s cell phone number into one of these boxes, whether they stand to gain or not. But I am sure a lot of porn subscribers will, and have hell to pay later on.

Catch the scoop from Textually.org in “Cell Phone Cash Boxes for your Website”.

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