Shifting threats with shifting user bases

When a new technology hits the streets, the early adopters grab hold. It takes months if not years for it to spread to the mainstream. World changing technologies such as the telephone followed that path, and email is no different. The first email message was sent while I was still in diapers (circa early 70’s, unless I am sorely mistaken), and it didn’t take off outside the world of academia until the 90’s. The threats followed.

Why should the newest communications technologies be any different?

Internet Week recently IMlogic Threat Center that they have tripled in the last year.

This should come as no surprise.

IM and P2P usage is up dramatically as well. Instant messaging applications have crossed the wireline barrier, and IM providers, carriers and software developers of all types opened the doors of inter-operability which hastened its spread. If email spam profitability decreases (as a result of anti-spam efforts, legislation, and lawsuits), and there are alternative distribution channels growing by leaps and bounds, why wouldn’t perpetrators look to other avenues. We already know it is
all about the money.

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