Spam control turns to FUD

Email appliance provider Mirapoint conducted a survey about anti-spam controls in the workplace, and found 60% of respondents claiming legtimate email was getting blocked as a result of spam filters.

According to this report, 51% said it resulted in wasted time. However, 42% of those polls whined about filters, saying that filtered email resulted in a missed deadline.

I haven’t seen the data on this survey, so I cannot opine on its statistical validity. Nevertheless, I am going to call it FUD for the lazy worker.

Using a single communications medium for all important commercial correspondence is just plain dumb, and that is what the deadline missers are insinuating. I know very few people that relay all the details of important projects via email, and still fewer that leave details they have been given in their inboxes. Furthermore, despite the conveniences that email provides, it still doesn’t substitute for the tried and trusty calendar!

I think that the folks polled are 1) pissed that they can’t use their corporate email boxes to send their friends dirty pictures with obscene captions, and 2) that they will find any excuse they can for slacking on the job, including blaming their ineptitute on technology.

I am going take a leap of faith here by speculating that the poll was targeted at government bureaucrats.

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