Spammer sentenced to 9 years, awaits appeal

I waited to post this article until the day after every news station on the planet did, just so I could feel special. Yes, Jeremy Jaynes, the spammer busted by the State of Virginia under its felony statutes, has been sentenced to nine years in prison. His sister, also convicted, had her charges dismissed, and Jaynes purported accomplice, Richard Rutkowski, was acquitted on all counts.

Now my “special” question…

Where the hell is all the money?

Jaynes was busted not long after the Virginia law went into effect, and the prosecution produced only a small number of emails (53,000 or so) when the case got rolling. Jaynes is purported to have sent out tens of millions of emails a day, enough to put him on Spamhaus’s top ten list. The powers that be estimated that Jaynes’s operation cranked out more than $750,000 per month in cold hard cash.

Is Richard Rutkowski headed for a beach in the Caribbean, or is there a trailer somewhere in North Carolina containing a mattress stuffed with a whole lotta dough?

You can read the whole story from Yahoo! News here, or check any internet news resource from here to Timbuktu.

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