Symantec Anti-Spyware at your service

It may be a day, but I sure as heck hope it isn’t a dollar short. Symantec just released their consumer anti-spyware product, months after Microsoft (aided by acquisitions in the space) coughed up their offering.

A pack of small companies took advantage of delays from both, including Webroot of Boulder, Colorado, whose Spy Sweeper product is a favorite among many, and Pest Patrol, now owned by Computer Associates. Symantec was full of excuses for falling behind, including saying that none of the existing products on the market were any good, and that consumers really wanted an offering bundled with anti-virus.

Time will tell if they were right.


Symantec spyware will be free of charge, assuming you buy Norton Anti-Virus, according to this article. So I checked the Symantec website, and sure enough the Norton AntiVirus Key Features page now contains the following language:

Detects spyware and certain non-virus threats such as adware and keystroke logging programs.

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