The Emporer has no email

If the President of the United States says that he does not send email to family because “he does not want it to fall into the wrong hands,” I don’t think he is telling us the whole story. While there may be some security concern here, the bigger issue (as pointed out in Age of insecurity) is the Freedom of Information Act. George Bush doesn’t want any communication winding up in anyone’s hands.

This is par for the course in our “you don’t need to know” government, and the handlers were likely dismayed by Mr. Bush’s comment. But there is another point worth noting here too.

If email use really does make people dummer, in fact reducing IQ more than smoking pot, then the President either 1) is much smarter than some people think, or 2) would rather smoke pot than use email.

Spamroll’s bet is on #1.

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