The Good Ol’ College Try

I am going to give Radford University a thumbs up for trying, but I have got to wonder what their IT department was doing the last few years. The announcement of a new spam system by the school’s paper noted that “after several years and several thousand dollars”, the school has finally implemented a new anti-spam system.

And what a result…

The existing email system blocked roughly a third of all spam. Now the system will block around two-thirds of it. Ok, again…good try. But I’ve just got to note that my Microsoft Entourage grabbing mail from an untweaked SpamAssassin enabled server does a better job than that, and the total cost was roughly $150 down and nine bucks a month.

Again, no major knock against the school, but if they had hired EDS for the system, they could have spent several hundred million and received the same result. At least they could have pushed for a bigger budget next year.

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