Top 10 viruses and hoaxes – March 2005

Sophos has published their top 10 viruses and hoaxes list for March 2005. Damn, that was quick.

The virus list is kind of boring – lots of the same old Netsky, with a dash of MyDoom and Sober, and ZaFi-D holding a strong lead (this sounds like cross between your aunt’s recipe for devils food cake and an announcer at a dog track, doesn’t it).


The Hotmail chainletter is still going strong on the hoax side. The Hotmail hoax is a chainletter type email sent to Hotmail subscribers, inferring that they need to login to their accounts in order to avoid removal. It is not a phishing attempt, as the email in circulation had no links to it (at least that I have seen). The emails simply requested that you forward to other Hotmail users, as “a test.” I don’t think there is much more to it, other than being a pain in the ass for Microsoft.

For the whole list, see Top ten viruses and hoaxes reported to Sophos in March 2005, from Sophos UK.

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