Two more anti-spyware outfits

Two new anti-spyware companies have recently hit the pavement. SurfControl, of policy management and filtering software note, announced its new SurfControl Enterprise Threat Shield, which will be sold to businesses. In a separate announcement, Tenebril, makers of the SpyCatcher desktop app, announced a $6.5 million round led by Sierra Ventures, and that security industry veteran Irfan Salim would be its new CEO.

You can catch the entire report on SurfControl and Tenebril from eWeek here.

Meanwhile, PCworld takes a peek at Symantec’s recently release anti-spyware package. The verdict is mixed, with the program blocking some well-known exploits (like the StartPage and Downloader Trojans), while recommending others (like Total Velocity, Xupiter, and Hotbar) stay put, and even allowing them certain outbound access rights.

Sounds like the Symantec product needs a little more tweaking, or maybe they have already joined the “groupthink” crowd.

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