Wedding bells ringing for scammers

Here’s a quick warning for all you newlyweds in the land of corporations. The State of Delaware reported that a new scam is making the rounds of their neighborhood. Scammers are sending letters to newly married couples, asking them to “register” with the Feds. In addition, they are asking for a nominal fee to do so.

The scammers are preying on two things here: first that newlyweds are still wrapped up in marital bliss (which may end soon, so you have to get them while they are still sharing the checkbook), and second that people percieve all the government’s “big brother” initiatives as just par for the course in our post 9-11 world.

If you live in Delaware, and/or just got married, keep your eyes out. If you get one of these letters, get a hold of the Delaware (or your state’s) Attorney General immediately. It is much easier to track a scammer to the address you are supposed to send this “registration” information to than it is to find an IP address in a haystack. If you act quickly, the powers that be can put the clamp on this.

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