What is SPIM, and who is his address?

I have heard this new acronym “SPIM” used in a variety of contexts. First it is spam over instant messaging, then it morphs into spam over cell phones, and now it is the combination of the two. I don’t know if we will ever learn what exactly “SPIM” is, but you can be certain of two things…

First, it isn’t transported via the email infrastructure, has something to do with instant messaging, can in fact hit a cell phone (by SMS, IM, or both), and…

If my cell carrier starts using the challenge/response system mentioned in this article, I am going to give birth to a giraffe.

Everyone using mobile messaging has to pay for those messages, many in both directions. You can be fairly certain that the greedy, customer unfriendly, clueless mobile phone service providers are going to try charging for all those C/R messages. Who the hell is going to pay TWICE for every “I’ll be there in..” and smiley face someone tries to send them. I wouldn’t put up with it, even if it was free. Meanwhile, the whitelist and black list features of the FaceTime system I think we can all live with.

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