Where there is sun, there are spammers

Spammers like nice weather, and I don’t blame them. First, the State of Florida cracks the whip on some Boiz in their neck of the woods, and now California Attorney General Bill Lockyer has teamed up with the FTC to stop some bigtime spammers in his neighborhood.

California is asking a U.S. District Court for a temporary restraining order against Rick Yang and Peonie Pui Ting Chen, and the operations called USA Debt Consolidation Services, Optin Global, Inc. and Vision Media Limited Corp. These guys and their companies are purportedly responsible for all the low-rate, debt consolidation spam you readers (and I) receive each day.

You can view the state’s lawsuit in Acrobat format here.


The temporary restraining order against Optin Global and Company has been approved.

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