Yahoo SpamGuard thrwarted by “Split Fit”…for now

Shalendra Chhabra over at Spam Research has been collecting and analyzing spam since long before the mainstream realized it was such a big problem. Shalendra latest is this piece on how spammers got around Yahoo’s SpamGuard.

Mr. Chhabra is a graduate student in UC Riverside’s computer science department, concentrating on spam related issues from a highly technical perspective.

Watch for more work from Spam Research, which I will also be following here at Spamroll. You can also catch some of Mr. Chhabra’s posts over at Slashdot, under the pseudonym TheBackBencher, including this one about a new report on spam, posted yesterday.

You can also catch the full Scientific American report mentioned above here.

Note: Shalendra has reported the “Split Fit” matter to Yahoo – hopefully they are working on a solution.


J.D. Falk says:

Yep, SpamGuard is constantly being improved.

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