A Complete Stranger Made My Day

I have been fretting for weeks about computer storage. While I tend to get rid of any physical items I don’t need anymore, I am a total pack rat when it comes to data. I have saved every company and client file I ever produced, as well as digitized every document back to my kindergarten report cards. So my office is obsessively neat, but I consume hard drive space like Chevy Suburbans consume gasoline.

Yesterday, I decided to do something about it (again), and when I saw a post on eBay for a new Acomdata 160 GB firewire/USB 2 combo external hard drive, at $90 shipped, I had to jump on it.

Then this morning, I received an unexpected email that made the effort seem oh so worthwhile.

One Dan Shulman, the seller of the item, sent me a note saying thanks for buying the drive, and that it would go out Tuesday. But that is not all. Mr. Shulman then informed me that the proceeds from the sale of the item were going to a children’s charity in Los Angeles called The KidsTalk Foundation.

KidsTalk provides children the opportunity to learn how media and communications works from the ground up, including producing, directing, filming, lighting, set design, photography, and interviewing. The youth participants cover important subjects such as drunk driving, teen weapons use, children with disabilities, living with HIV/AIDS, local politics and more.

While I didn’t do any background check on the organization, I can’t help but think it is a worthy cause. Empowering our children to reach out to others promotes self-esteem and confidence. It also creates an aura of communication and cooperation for future generations, something I believe is sorely lacking in today’s world.

Just want to say thanks to Dan, once more, for making my day.

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