AOL’s Top Ten Spam Subject Lines – April 2005

Here they are!

1) Free Hair Loss DVD

Spamroll say: I shave my head

2) Whats Your Nutrition IQ?

Spamroll say: I eat what I want when I want – lucky me..I’m only 210

3) Hidden Camera the Size of a Quarter

Spamroll say: I need permission to film first

4) Dell – Delivery Confirmation #048Q-VBCC6735

Spamroll say: Me own an Apple!

5) Get 10% Back on Your First Purchase

Spamroll say: No site revenue, no first purchase!

6) Fwd: You Have [6] New Photos @ AOL

Spamroll say: I told her not to take pictures

7) Want a 5 Megapixel Digital Camera?

Spamroll say: No, because I told her not to take pictures, and she won’t give me permission to film either

8) Enjoy downloading Free Unlimited Music and More

Spamroll say: Free unlimited music that I can’t play anywhere – no thanks.

9) 14 Ways to Survive the Bank Holiday Weekend!

Spamroll say: I’m an entrepreneur – I have no money. What do I need a bank for?

10) Car shows and classifieds

Spamroll say: I drive a truck – U-turns over medians are a hoot!

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