Australia gets tough on spyware

This post could just have aptly been titled “Australia Gets Tough on Internet Crooks,” as we already know they are tough on spammers. Cripes, even the ISPs down under are hammering spam.

Back to the subject at hand..uh, that was spyware, right?

I am not sure how this is going to work, but the Australian parliament is pushing a concept that would make ISPs liable for spyware that crosses their network into a customer’s machine.

Senator Brian Greig called the measure tougher than banning spyware altogether. The onus is on the ISP, and they will be the target of legal action if they don’t watch their socks.

In America, ISPs would likely welcome this with open arms, as then they would have an excuse to charge more for internet access. But in Australia, with much fewer providers, I hope the government doesn’t allow this, mostly because I have a lot of friends in Australia that I don’t want to see getting gouged to fix a problem that isn’t their’s in the first place.


4ndr3w says:

I’m not sure why ISPs would be interested in similar legislation in the states. Connectivity is very much a commodity item, with concommitant razor-thin margins. An increase in price for any reason makes them less competitive. And why foist the economic burden of spyware onto ISPs? Leave it where it belongs – with the authors of the spyware.

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