Banks not giving money away, at least not yet

By now everyone has heard how a bunch of major banks were duped by fraudsters. For those that haven’t Bank of America, Wachovia, Commerce Bank, and PNC were all caught with their pants down when one Orazio Lembo, whom the banks were selling customer data to, turned out to be a swindler instead of a collection agent.

Yes, I said, collection agent.

Your bank could be selling your personal information to collection agencies, some of the sleaziest, lowdown, scumbaggy business types there are. Yes, collection agencies – the ones that call you all hours of the day, threatening to take away your home, your car, and even your children. You know, the ones that tell you that you are going to prison if you don’t pay them 200% of what you owe. You know the type.

Enough of that. At least the authorities are on the case, and more arrests are supposedly on the way.

Meanwhile, the idiotic banks that are selling this info to dirtbags are going to give all the victims free credit monitoring services, so when someone uses the information to rack up a bunch of credit charges in the customer’s names, the customer will at least get a heads up before the bank sells their information to another collection agency, so that pack of morons can start calling you.

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