Claim to fame, or end to spam

Comodo, one of a million “online security specialists, is now offering a free anti-spam tool, which they claim “puts an end to spam.” While this sounds like the beginning of a new world, it is not..seriously..

The Comodo AntiSpam Desktop 2005 application is based on challenge-response, whereby senders must be validated by you before their mail can hit your inbox. This means anyone you pass your business card to is going to have to jump through a few hoops before they can contact you via email (unless you have their card too and immediately add it to you valid contact list – who has time for that?), and you are going to be sending a lot of authentication notices off your desktop as well. The system will also end up requiring that you keep an eye on quarantined email, as you don’t want that important contact lingering around unnoticed. It is like cranking your Bayesian filter down extra tight, and then having to sort through your junk mail folder all the time (well, not quite, but close).

Now, I haven’t seen the free Comodo product in action, so here is where I will shut up. I run Mac Entourage on the desktop and SpamAssasin at the server level, so I get about two spams a week. Therefore, I hope someone will post a review for me. If it isn’t as big a pain in the butt to work with as I think it will be, I will gladly hang myself by my pinky-toenails for your amusement.

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