Clean Up That Online Resume

For those of you that use online resources like Monster, CareerBuilder, and HotJobs for advertising your credentials (i.e posting your resume), you may want to think about cleaning up all that contact information, location history, etc.

While this editorial points out a lot of things you can do to make those resumes more effective, it also highlights some of the risks of posting all the juicy details for anyone to see.

Having an online resume is great for catching that unexpected opportunity, but be forewarned that including details such as names and locations of previous employers, physical and email addresses, and phone numbers, are prime information for someone trying to build a profile on your life for the purpose of stealing it.

You are better off providing generic descriptions of employers instead of their names, and employer names are often on your credit reports. And leave home addresses and phone numbers out of site. Use a P.O. Box for business correspondence, if possible. Also, have an email address available solely for your job search – don’t use the same one you use for your online bank account correspondence. Many job/resume boards allow you to hide confidential information such as contact data, so use those features.

And, good luck with that job search!

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