Dear Potential Creditor of OptInRealBig

During my visit to bankruptcy court last week regarding the OptInRealBig and Scott Richter cases, I noted that there were quite a few large creditors present, but not a lot of little ones. I am not sure if people realize this, but if you were the recipient of spam from or its affiliates, you too may have a claim against the company.

While you have to be certain in your facts, there is a way for you to obtain information on filing a claim or even joining the creditors’ committee (should one ever be formed – I do not think this has happened yet).

How pray tell? Just ask Spamroll..

I’ve posted a form letter below that you can use for the purpose. You can copy and paste the contents into your favorite word processor.


Leo Weiss
U.S. Department of Justice
Office of the United States Trustee
999 18th Street, Suite 1551
Denver, CO 80202

Re: OPTINREALBIG.COM, LLC – Case No. 05-16304 HRT
Related Case: SCOTT ALLEN RICHTER – Case No. 05-16340 HRT

Dear Mr. Weiss,

As a recipient of unlawful email advertising from OPTINREALBIG.COM, LLC, I believe I am an unsecured creditor in the bankruptcy proceedings. I am interested in joining (or forming) a creditor’s committee and would be willing to actively serve on such a committee.

Even if a creditor’s committee is not created, I would like to file a proof of claim. Please send a form for making such a claim to:


Also, please add me to your alert list, regarding any relevant dates that might affect my rights.

Thank you for your assistance.

Best Regards,



Edit at will. Postage not included!

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