FTC pushing ISPs to stop zombie networks

I am not going to spend a lot of time telling you about the FTC’s latest initiative, which is trying to get ISPs to stop zombied computers on their networks.

Why you ask? Am I just getting lazy?

No. Its just that every other news outlet on the planet seems to be doing it for me. Don’t believe me, then check these articles from CNET News, or The Register, or eWeek, or Slashdot.

Of course, I ignored a couple of dozen other articles on the same subject, but not before Brian McWilliams over at the Spam Kings blog noticed the same barrage of coverage, and beat me to the notice.

The sad part about this is that this whole “ISPs should kill the zombies” thing isn’t even the FTC’s idea. The Australians beat the FTC to that.


It look like the FTC is trying to lead the pack here (despite not being much of a leader). Pushing a 25 nation ISP/zombie initiative via a few press releases does not a leader make.

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