I love you, RSS

Corante noted that Google’s Gmail spam filters are blocking Match.com emails, and proposes that Match.com could use RSS feeds to make the process a bit easier on its users.

First, I have to say that missing that important love contact could be like losing a winning lottery ticket for some, and that Match should be listening to that possibility. RSS is still a nascent technology, from a user perspective – it has been around for a while, but the average internet user likely doesn’t know what a newsreader is, or that browsers like Safari have RSS capabilities built in. More capabilities are on the way – it is only a matter of time before users get the hint.

Spamroll commented on RSS as a solution for emarketers, and had to cave on a few issues after Rok Hrastik of MarketingStudies.net made his case.

Maybe services using email as a primary form of communication with their customers should take a closer look at RSS, even for operations outside of the publishing/marketing norm.

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