If cookies don’t satisfy your craving, go for some PIE

I have a friend on the East Coast who is about as technical proficient as a kindergartener. But since he first discovered the browser, he has been blocking and/or deleting cookies (even if he can’t get function out of a site after doing so). It is a privacy issue to him.

Well I say hold on – it may not be that easy anymore. Cookies aren’t exactly spyware, and they certainly aren’t baked goods, so what’s the deal with PIE.

PIE stands for Persistent Identification Element, and it is going to piss a lot of people off. According to this report, the product of United Virtualities of New York is a tracking mechanism delivered by cookie, and deposited in the bowels of personal computers. They are difficult to identify, and self-replicating, meaning they are a pain to delete.

Of course, it likely won’t take long for anti-spyware software companies to develop a countermeasure for it as well. So round and round we go.


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