Microsoft ‘en Mass

You know, it wasn’t too long ago that Massachusetts was calling the settlement in the Microsoft anti-trust case “ineffectual”, and holding out for something better.

Maybe that something better has now come along, as Microsoft lends a hand in stopping an infamous spam ring.

Microsoft used a honeypot approach in their assistance – they set up a bunch of Hotmail accounts to trap spam for further analysis. Massachusetts attorney general Thomas Reilly then filed suit against the spammers for a plethora of violations, among them promoting bootlegged software, prescription drugs and mortgages.

The main man in this mess is one Leo Kuvayev, who purportedly organized the ring. The Spam Kings blog has a little more talk on the perpetrators, including some funny pics.

Is this Microsoft’s way of coming clean, by helping Massachusetts, or are they so beset by their own software’s security issues that they are trying to play the PR game? Who knows – but its good to see that the anti-spam crusade is seeing a little knashing from the very toothy guys from Redmond.

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