Oh where oh where did my zombie PC go

The fact is, that if you are running Windows, don’t have firewall, anti-virus, and a couple of anti-spyware packages running, don’t have much of an anti-spam filter, and are connected via broadband, chances are that zombie PC is right in front of you.

But just in case you do loose it, there is hope.

Along with the FTC’s push to get ISPs to shut down zombie machines, there is now a new tool available in the latest rendition of Dawn of the Dead.

CipherTrust has launched a new tool that tracks zombies. CipherTrust’s zombie stats monitor messaging and other behaviorial activity on computer networks to sniff out those that have be taken over.

The latest scoop: for the first time I can remember, the US does not lead the world in some computer security issue. The US came in second to the European Union in the percentage of zombies originating at its doorsteps. Unfortunately, if you take population into account, the US (with roughly 300 million people) versus the EU (with around 460 million), we may still be the winner (barring any good data on actually computer use penetration).

Hooray for the red, white and blue!


The Red Herring picked up on the zombie thing in this article. A decent read, but the following quote sums up the reason why zombies are such a prevalent source of spam and other miscreant behaviours:

The dangerous thing about computer zombies is not so much the spam they send, as the anonymous platform they create for doing other bad things.

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