Rule #1: Spyware purveyors are liars

The term “spyware” has become a dirty word. So what do all the spyware companies do? They talk around it. Techdirt points this out plain and clear in Spyware Purveyors Still Talking Past Critics. These folks can call it targeted marketing, advertising deployment enhancers, or any other of a number of ridiculous terms that come out of their jargon generators. The bottom line is – people don’t like the ads. And I don’t like the idea of software being installed on my machines without my knowledge.

Unfortunately, the websites that utilize spyware companies’ services and/or popups, get immediately cross off my visit list. They lose my eyeballs, and any chance of me ever coming back. I suggest others do the same.

Fortunately, there is some light shining on the issue. As long as spyware companies keep up their silly tricks, there will be plenty of new jobs created at anti-spyware companies trying to fight them.

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