Sober.guten Q.daten – no translation

A few weeks ago, Sober.P began making its rounds. It started foiling virus scanners, and was quickly in full production mode, sending out free tickets for World Cup soccer. Now, the Sober virus has mutated once again, and is now being blamed for a new barrage of spam.

And that isn’t all. Some of the spam hitting the German internet community this time around is turning out to be right-wing hate email.

Spam isn’t fun, and hate is even worse.

If someone has a copy of one of these Sober.Q hate spams, please post for readers convenience.


Here is a sample of what is floating around (subject line and message):

Subject: Paranoider Deutschenmoerder kommt in Psychiatrie

Lese selbst:

I’m not clicking on the link, so I can’t tell you what’s behind it.

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