Workers think trout are a breed of phish

America workers seem a bit clueless about phishing attacks, according to a recent Websense survey.

More than 45% of American workers have clicked on a lure link, and IT managers are worried sick about it. Roughly 2/3rds of all workers had never heard the word “phishing” and/or knew what it meant. And those same IT managers say more than 80% of the employees they service have received some sort of phishing lure.

There is obviously a lot more money in business than in personal (unless you are Bill Gates), so I won’t be surprised if we start seeing a lot more phishing exploits specifically sculpted around that fact.

PS: Yes, I tried the title the other way around, but I just couldn’t make it work – I am not much of an author, as you can obviously tell. Have a suggestion for that play on words? Then send one over.

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