Additional legal manuevers in OptInRealBig bankruptcy

Ethan Preston has posted some additional analysis and opinion on the latest legal manuevers in the OptInRealBig and Scott Richter bankruptcy cases.

Ethan points out that Microsoft’s argument that the cases were specifically initiated to avoid the litigation in Washington State holds some water, while the question of whether to remove the confidentiality of the spammer affiliates remains unanswered.

You can pick up more on the case from Ethan at, or from Spamroll under these headings:

Scott Richter’s Personal Bankruptcy Petition;

Recent Court Order in Scott Richter Bankruptcy Case;

Anatomy of a Spammer – Part 1 – OptInRealBig;

Anatomy of a Spammer – Part 2 – Scott Richter;

More Opinion on the Richter/OptInRealBig Bankruptcies;

Spamroll visits Bankruptcy Court – Richter Files (cont’d); and

Dear Potential Creditor of OptInRealBig.

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