Bad net-neighborhoods victim of drive-bys

When a website blatantly proclaims it is in the business of installing malicious software, and hasn’t been blackballed yet, you know there is trouble-a-brewing. eWeek posted this story about one such site that trys to draw in affiliates to push “drive-by” spyware downloads.

This isn’t anything really new – the concept of making some spare change by pumping a spyware app. You might expect someone like DirectRevenue or Claria twisting the words to make their services to sound legitimate, but the fact that there are folks out there pushing this type of affiliate concept in the open is downright nutty.

Out of the underground and into the mainstream…

***Additional Note***

Curiously, however, is the fact that when I tried to contact not long after the eWeek article hit, I couldn’t get their page to open. Maybe that had something to do with the fact I was using an Apple Mac, Safari in private browsing mode with cookies shut off, my OS X firewall running in stealth mode, and across a WPA wireless connection to a NAT router with another firewall on it.

All I know is I got this message over and over: Safari could not open the page “” because the server stopped responding.


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