Big advertisers in the pop-up game

BusinessWeek just this article about some of the big name companies that have promotion being distributed via adware.

While this is nothing really new, it does show you that adware is now a mainstream problem, for both consumers and companies. Consumers can’t stand the stuff, and companies, due to the byzantine affiliate network behind adware promotors, can’t control it.

Read up. Meanwhile, here is a list of the companies targeted by BusinessWeek…

– J.C. Penney Co.
– Capital One Financial Corp
– Vonage Holdings Corp.
– Monster Worldwide Inc.
– Expedia Inc.
– Inc.
– Orbitz LLC
– Sprint PCS
– Sony Corp.
– Circuit City Stores Inc.
– Mercedes-Benz USA
– Dell USA
– Yahoo Inc.
– AskJeeves
– Netflix Inc.*
– Verizon Communications Inc.*

*supposedly discontinued adware programs

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