Doing what you’re not supposed to

It is all over the news this morning – a bunch of credit card data was held without consent, and now some of the data has been stolen. This problem is neither anything new, or isolated to the private sector – even the US Government can’t seem to keep their hands clean.

So the question becomes, what the heck to ordinary folks do? Quit using credit and debit cards? There is no way to rent a car, book an airline ticket, or pay for anything online. Close bank accounts, stuff money under the mattress and pay for everything with cash? You get no interest, expose yourself to a mugging, and potentially get yourself arrested.

You pay dearly for any approach. But the real question becomes – is all the convenience, savings, and fringe benefits worth the risk of putting your data in fools’ hands?

I simply do not know.


One thing is for certain. If you want businesses to quit doing things they are not supposed to be doing, you need to get some laws in place that put the burden on them to protect data. Sounds like some people are calling for that now.

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