Employee busted for “proxy” spamming

A public television employee in Maryland was busted for spamming his boss, and the measures he employed lead me to believe he wasn’t too bright.

This guy, a web designer, grabbed his supervisor’s email address and proceeded to enter it into all kinds of dating and other websites, hoping she would get a pile of spam. And I think she did.

How was he caught? The address entries he made were traced back to his internet account!

I have to say that was a pretty stupid move. First off, the guy must have been really bored if he was spending his free time surfing the net for the purpose of harrassing his superiors. Second, why in the hell did the guy do such a thing from his own account? Even the silliest web designers I know understand what an IP address is, and how easy it is to log, track and locate the user of such an address.

Oh well. Some folks never get it. Meanwhile, an advocacy group (of unknown name) called it one of the first “spam by proxy” cases. As people realize that sites galore are taking those entered email addresses and passing them around to who knows who, I expect that this won’t be the last.

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