Lawyers chase ambulances, and spam

So this spamming organization out of Nevada (with ops in China) decides to send out a bunch of emails using someone else’s email address in the from line, but they picked the wrong person to mess with. Turns out, the email address they were using was a New York lawyer’s, and now said lawwyer is suing their butt’s off.

The suit is still in John Doe mode, but there are at least 10 such “JDs” targeted, as well as the JDs on the other side. The victim, one Scott Ziegler, knows who the company is and even made contact with them prior to filing the suit, looking for an explanation (of which denial, along with pushing the blame off on affiliates, was the canned response).

I suspect a good little scrap here.

Meanwhile, some other lawyers are taking the opposite tact, and opining on good technology solutions for spam blocking. Funny how the world goes round.

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